A reserve to protect lemurs and their natural environment

Berenty - Foret de Malaza
Berenty - Foret de Malaza
Since its foundation in 1936 by the Heaulme family, the Berenty Reserve has been designed to protect lemurs and their natural environment : the dense gallery forest dominated by tamarind trees and the spiny dry forest. Since its opening to the public in 1981 it has gained international fame. Many public figures went there like Prince Philip of Edinburgh or the son of the Emperor of Japan. The Berenty Reserve is a reference site for scientists and is visited by many travelers, curious to discover the animal and plant diversity that inhabit these more than 1000 hectares of protected areas..

Go to the heart of the Mandrare Valley

Promenade - Reserve de Berenty
OIseau - Reserve de Berenty
Randonnée à la Reserve de Berenty
Chauve-souris - Reserve de Berenty
The Berenty Reserve is a real sanctuary for the 2 000 lemurs who live there freely. The Réserve allows you to discover 102 species of birds and more than one hundred other species: reptiles, turtles, bats ... Natural and floristic varieties, such as forests, red sands, bush, also offer a show of incomparable endemic wealth. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Berenty...

Incredible lemurs !

The sifaka

The brown lemur

The lemur catta

The Arembelo museum

Le musée Arembelo
Le musée Arembelo
Enjoy your stay and visit one of the richest museums in Madagascar. The Arembelo Museum presents a unique collection of artifacts and traditions of the Antandroy culture, the people of the land of thorns.

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  • An unmissable stop on a trip to the south of Madagascar. Very interesting if you are interested in lemurs and birds.
    Maurice L
  • The reserve of Bérenty is not only the best place of Madagascar to see several species of lemurs in their natural environment, but also to observe the fantastic dry forest of Didiereaceae of the south of Madagascar. We stayed almost a week without getting bored and we plan to come back this year, so much the places have delighted us! A competent guide accompanies you, if you wish, but you can also walk freely around. There are several dry forests accessible by 4X4 that you can discover with your guide every day. Night walks are also possible. Several groups of maki catta are regulars of the lodge at the time of the breakfast ... In the evening the white sifakas return dancing in the forest just in front of your bungalow ...
  • we stayed there in December 2016 for 3 days. What an experience of a life time. We did some night and day walks with our tour guide who was excellent in spotting wildlife everywhere. We stayed in the newly renovated bungalows with AC, very nicely decorated comfortable bed. The only negative thing is that at night from 11pm to 5am the electricity is cut off and it gets really hot. Otherwise a perfect holiday, if you love animals and adventure I can only recommend this place.
    Erika B
  • Great opportunities to see at least 5 different species of lemurs, chameleons, snakes, insects, and birds. Some species do require more work than the others, but there is always some wildlife activity to see, observe, and photograph. The guides are excellent, the staff friendly and accommodating, the bungalows comfortable. Guides are essential to get the most from your visit. We stayed 4 nights and would've enjoyed a few more.
    Bruce R
  • I really liked Berenty. I was a little bit scared that it would feel like a zoo, but not at all. The lemurs are free. They are everywhere and easy to see. They are more habituated to human because they are close to the lodge, but they are still wild. I stayed 3 nights. My guide, J.-P., was very good. He answered all my questions and was dynamic. The main reason to go to Berenty is the lemurs. They are everywhere and easy to see in the spiny forest. I loved the dancing sifakas. They are very funny.

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