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The peninsula of Fort-Dauphin and its surroundings appear as one of the most preserved and beautiful regions of Madagascar. Surrounded by the Anosy mountains and kilometers of white sand, the city hosts breathtaking sights ! The oldest fortified city in Madagascar, Fort-Dauphin was born in the XVIIth century by the will of the King of France who wanted a port on the dangerous but lucrative route of the Indies. Built on a promontory, Toalagnaro as it is called in Madagascar, is a small town peaceful and modern. Cross the Ranopiso pass, a barrier for the winds, and pass the fertile slopes of the Anosy region to a barren and wild range, Androy, the land of thorns. You will then reach the reserve of Berenty where rare birds, turtles and lemurs will welcome you in their natural environment!

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Lake Anony

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Microcebes - The Reserve of Berenty

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